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Ambition Survey 2010

​The single biggest factor for successful international expansion is identifying the right people on the ground to grow the business

Our clients are changing their focus. Over the last two years our conversations have focused on cost control, but now ambitious clients want to discuss overseas expansion. To coincide with this trend, BDO has produced a survey which assesses both the advantages and disadvantages faced by companies trying to expand into different territories, based on the experience of those already there.

Research was conducted in ten countries and the focus of the study was on identifying strategies, critical success factors and challenges to cross-border growth encountered by those companies experienced in cross-border expansion. It explores key themes around how globally ambitious midsized companies can maximise the business opportunities and navigate the regulatory challenges of cross-border growth.

An index has also been devised, taking into consideration all the questions asked, on how attractive different regions are to invest in. While the most popular destination for expansion remains China, the index shows that Europe is probably still the easiest place to do business.

If you would like to speak with a BDO partner about expanding overseas please do not hesitate to contact us

To read more about BDO’s perspective on the findings and their significance for international business, please explore this website and visit CEO Insights, the blog of Jeremy Newman, CEO of BDO International.

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