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Tax Publications

We have a range of tax publications available for download:

Doing Business In... 
We have Doing Business in... guides for many countries around the world. These useful guides provide background information for setting up and running a business in the particular country. The guides are useful for anyone considering establishing a business in that country, whether as a separate entity, a branch of a foreign company, or as a subsidiary of an existing foreign company, as well as to anyone thinking about going to work or live permanently in that country.

If you would like a Doing Business in... guide for a particular country, please speak to someone in your nearest member firm.


World Wide Tax News
This publication features summaries of recent tax developments of international interest from around the world. It’s written by BDO tax experts for clients who are interested in keeping up on a wide range of tax matters. In it you’ll find news about changes to tax rates and incentives, information about tax reform, tax treaties, significant tax cases and rulings, tax policy pronouncements, and more.

Of course, for each jurisdiction mentioned in the publication there’s a BDO person nearby to help you with your tax issues and planning needs. 


BDO Tax Alerts
Tax Alerts are short flyers issued by BDO tax experts to alert clients on important tax developments. They provide a quick overview of the main issues and potential implications of the new tax developments. You can get more detailed information on the topics covered in an Alert from the contact persons mentioned in the Alert or from a BDO tax expert in your nearest member firm.

Click here to review and download recent issues




Indirect Tax News

Indirect Tax News is prepared by the BDO VAT Centre of Excellence. This newsletter focuses on issues of practical importance in the field of VAT and similar indirect taxes, such as GST. Experts from all over the world provide first-hand information and commentary about recent developments in legislation, opinions and directives issued by tax authorities, government policy statements, case law, and more. 

Click here to review and download recent issues​

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Expatriate Newsletter
The Expatriate Newsletter is prepared by the BDO Expatriate Tax Centre of Excellence. It provides a brief overview of issues affecting international assignees. Though the focus is mainly on tax and social security matters, it also includes news of other significant developments impacting expatriate taxpayers and their employers.


International Private Client Services Newsletter

This newsletter, prepared by our Private Client Services Centre of Excellence, covers current international tax news and issues relevant to High Net Worth Individuals.


European Union Direct Taxes
This newsletter, prepared by our European Union Direct Taxes Centre of Excellence, focuses on decisions of the European Court of Justice and other EU-wide developments in direct taxes that affect individuals and companies working – or investing – in the European Union.

Transfer Pricing News
This newsletter is produced by the BDO Transfer Pricing Centre of Excellence. It provides information on developments in the area of transfer pricing worldwide.

World Wide Tax Facts
We produce a handy guide with information about the tax rates and main relief and exemptions for each country.

If you would like a copy of the World Wide Tax Facts, please speak to someone in your nearest member firm.​

Holding Companies Table
The Holding Companies Table is a guide designed to assist in selecting the best holding company location for your specific situation. It contains information on the crucial international tax factors applicable to each country listed, such as treatment of inbound dividends and gains, interest deductibility, and Controlled Foreign Company rules. The table includes locations in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.​ Please speak to a tax expert in your nearest member firm for more detailed information on these locations, as well as other locations not covered by the table.

Click here to view and download the Holding Companies Table