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Customer Service

Key points

• Customer service is seen as vital to international success and the key way in which companies can differentiate themselves

• USA, Germany and UK are seen to have a far better understanding of the importance of customer service than BRIC markets.


The BDO Ambition survey 2012 shows that CFOs overwhelmingly see customer service as key to their international success.
When asked about customer service in specific countries, impressions vary greatly by country.  The USA, Germany and the UK are far more likely to be seen as having companies that understand the importance of customer service than China, Brazil, India or Russia, showing that while the BRIC markets are certainly seen as attractive expansion opportunities, investment in these markets is not necessarily as straightforward.
For CFOs, the three biggest challenges when it comes to delivering customer service outside their home market are cultural or language barriers (19%), good transport and logistics (17%) and - again - finding good local staff and partners (14%).
How important is customer service delivery to your company’s success in international markets?5a_BDO slide 46 - alt.jpg



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